How To Donate

How To Donate

You Can Donate To AURORA FOUNDATION In Many Ways To Help Us Continue Our Work For Child. Contribute Money Or Help Out In Kind Through Providing Us With Office Equipment, Services, Space To Conduct Workshops And Programs, And Other Requirements That Evolve. Send Us An Email At And We Will Contact You And Guide You On How You Could Help.

“You can also give happiness by providing Clothes, Food Stuff, Books and many more etc things”.

6,25,000 - Take care of entire expenses of a cancer affected child3,12,000 - Take care of a Cancer affected patient1,56,000 - Sponser half the treatment of a patient78,000 - Suppport two chemotherapy sessions of a cancer patient39,000 - Suppport one chemotherapy sessions of a cancer patient19,500 - Suppport a cancer patient with radiation therapy8000 - Suppport a cancer patient with medicines and injections

1,30,000 - Suppport 50 Children52,000 - Suppport 20 Children26,000 - Suppport 10 Children15,600 - Suppport 6 Children2600 - Suppport 1 Child

1,20,000 - Suppport 40 Children60,000 - Suppport 20 Children30,000 - Suppport 10 Children18,000 - Suppport 6 Children3000 - Suppport 1 Child

2,30,000 - Suppport 100 People92,000 - Suppport 40 People23,000 - Suppport 10 People13,800 - Suppport 6 People2300 - Suppport 1 Person

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